“Green Building Concept"

Architectural Expertise with Ecological Integrity

SDB is setting standards in the Commercial sector, with the development and maintenance of ecological standards, hence accoladed with an IGBC ranking of PLATINUM RATED BUILDING. The structure design is focused on energy efficiency and sensitive to the industry's dependence upon sunlight, mainly for assorting and grading of diamonds, thus allowing ample daylight in all office spaces. As proposed, all 9 buildings will be connected with a 24 ft. wide spine corridor.

All Entrance Foyers, Spine Corridors, and Lift Lobbies on the Ground Floor are Air Conditioned and Spine corridors at the upper floors have a radiant cooling system to maintain a pleasant environment, during transit.

Further, each building will have 8 ft. wide office corridors, 13 ft. floor height, and the ground floor height being gracefully, 19 ft. In total, there will be 125 lifts, with a speed of 3 meters/sec. All the offices are centrally air-conditioned, through a chilled water-cooling system, with each sighting onto the exquisitely designed landscape courts, which are designed on the concept of “Panchtatva” (5 Elements of Nature; Air, Water, Fire, Earth, Sky) spanning almost 200 ft wide and 300 ft long. It will also have 100% power backup, for common areas and offices. SUSTAINABILITY is one of the most important aspects apart from the astonishing aesthetics & landscaping, contemplated in to design of this facility. Aspects, considered, for the same are MICROCLIMATE – to maintain the temperature within the confined spaces, SOLAR CONTROL – to reduce the direct heating due to sunlight, WIND ANALYSIS – to evaluate and maximize natural ventilation, Orientation according to Sun and Wind direction, ENERGY PERFORMANCE – for energy efficiency and WWR.