"Glory & Perfection Personified"



Dear Friends,

We, at Surat Diamond Bourse, take immense pleasure in acknowledging the giant step, taken by us, to embrace all the aspects and needs of people working in Diamond Industry

Surat diamond industry, has been fulfilling the requirements, of more than 90% of the well finished diamonds across the world, being an epicentre for the same. To overcome the setbacks of easy approachability, and boosting profitability, we at SDB, unanimously, have made an effort to get the maximum gain for all the stakeholders, in Diamond industry. This initiative, as projected, is expected to bring in, a turnover of over Rs 2 Lakh Crores ($27 Billion Dollars approx.) annually, and we all, together, will be the beneficiaries. We heartily, thank all the members, for your support, in making this dream, come true.

As glorious and perfect, our polished diamonds are, the glory of this majestic project, will magnify, spreading across borders, in conjunct with the advanced systems & infrastructure. The design manifests, a "Green Building Concept" built with Architectural Expertise amalgamated with Ecological Integrity, making SDB project qualify, to the list of Top Five commercial building in the world for "2018 Cityscape Awards for Emerging Markets". Although building Global reputation, bestowing an at-home factor, with a comfortable and safe work environment for everyone.

This facility will be a boon for all buyers, granting cost efficiency. With SDB standing in Surat, the hub where diamond cutting, polishing & entire processing is done, SDB will aid in cost cutting, across the supplier value chain. In turn, passing on the value to buyers, in terms of sensible pricing.

We convey, our gratitude to all who have been an integral part of SDB, since inception of the idea. It is the sheer commitment, dedication & innovative methods, which has turned the idea into a possibility & hence execution. Truly, a Dream come true, for Diamond Industry, in the DREAM city.